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A survey completed by a TV Series for Discovery Home & Health found some of the following information disturbing.

FACT: 46% wished they could "cut down on cleaning"

FACT: Women spend 54 days a year doing housework

FACT: Despite working longer hours than ever women still spend on aferage two hours 23 minutes a day cleaning, tidying and washing. This adds upt to 9 years over the average lifetime.

FACT: 57% of women admitted that cleaning exhausted them, particularly as 71% also have a job.

FACT: The surevye also reported that more than half ofthe women surveye saidthey felt depressed if their house was unidy, and 70% said they cld not leave the house utidy without worrying about it.

FACT: 78% of people considered employing someone else to clean for them. 

So if you'd rather spend your time doing the things YOU want to do then seriously consider getting a cleaner!

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