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Company Profile

The company was established in 2003 as a small business by a professional couple who both left corporate jobs to set up a responsive, reliable and trusted cleaning business, servicing Wokingham and the surrounding area. Why cleaning? Well because in their experience finding a service provider in their locality who actually;

  1. Called them back
  2. Turned up when requested
  3. Provided consistently high standards of service and quality

proved to be a real challenge and this was the market gap they sought to fill.  

The business has seen many changes since 2003 and has moved along way since then, now servicing over 100 domestic clients in the Wokingham area along with a substantial number of commercial clients. The business was bought out in May 2008 and the ambitions of the new owner are to see the Company expand and grow organically as well as through acquisition.

One thing remains unchanged however, and that is the philosophy that professionalism and quality of service guide the company's actions and principles. 

Many of our new customers come to us through recommendation, a testimony to TLC's commitment to this philosophy.