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Choosing Your Cleaner

There are many different cleaners out there, so we thought we would give you the pros and cons of them all.



Traditional Local Cleaning

Cleaning Franchise


 Cheap - you get what you pay for

Familiarity and trust

No routines


Cost & Value for money

Small & Personal

Only work until 3 pm to ensure quality

Use commercial products

Have a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Have holiday and sickness cover

Offer a choice of day

Carry £2M of public liability insurance

Use our own equipment

Offer a wide range of services

Are family owned and run

You can always get hold of us

Flexible and DO NOT charge for cancellations or holidays

Do NOT lock you into a contract

Good Reputation

Large compnaies with money behind them

Provide own equipment



 No Holiday or Sickness Cover

Not Insured

Paid on an hourly basis

Use Your products and equipment

Don't always register for Tax & NI

 Everyone wants TLC cleaners so we are very busy


No consistency - either not the same cleaners or not all the work done as requested

Work till late - so qulity can suffer on properties cleaned later in the day

You are just  number not a person

Can't contact them to complain

You finish up managing the cleaners